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Can you offer to help us?

Through community sponsorship, a community group supports the empowerment of refugee families to become self-sufficient members of their new community.

Exeter WAYmakers is no different. As a community sponsorship group we are required to plan, prepare and offer a range of services to support a family to resettle:

Father and Son Playing

are needed to work with us to support a range of services to help resettle
a family?

Community volunteers take on the responsibility that would normally fall to local authorities and professional charities
by welcoming a refugee family and supporting them to adapt to life in the UK.

This is a rewarding experience for everyone involved and goes beyond what can be put into words

We would love to hear from you to explore what further discussion might mean
for you and the many opportunities we have to offer ...

There is a flavour of some of the aspects of volunteering, on this page.  There are also roles with our core team.

If you would like to know
more, please us this link to

contact us

All of our team are required to provide references, attend training, including safeguarding training and
have a DBS check.

is not just supporting a family to start a new life ...
It's building a new life with and for a family ...

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Learning the English Language

Alongside the requirements for formal tuition, there are opportunities to help practice and grow an understanding of how words are used. Exploring within the family, in education, and in the workplace.

How to be understood in one's own language?  Access to Translation services?



Wellbeing -  medical and social services.

 How to register with a GP or dentist and introduce them to the services they offer e.g repeat medication and hospital services.


Knowing where safe spaces are to walk, exercise, play, and relax.


 How and where to safely cross a road, buy shopping and find specific foods, the school, other places of learning and worship etc.


Budgeting and Benefits 

This is an opportunity to understand what is needed and what help is available?

Determining what is the most cost-effective way to resource products and services? 


What to prioritise and why, from a benefit claimant perspective. 


The Family School Partnership

Working with the school and family to explore ways that help to grow a good mutual understanding of each other's culture and what is required in school and in the local community to thrive.


How to claim Benefits

Being or becoming able to appreciate what is required for the family and then to look up information or seek help by making suitable enquires to resolve questions.


Helping the family to understand and grow more confident with how the Benefits System operates and is intended to work



Befrienders that can empower the family.


This is accomplished by showing them, 'how to' and then by encouraging them to experience doing activities for themselves and grow their recognise that they 'can do'

You are creating a story that those being resettled and you will tell for the rest of your lives 

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